Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Relevance Of Adopting Cultural Changes For Growth Of An Organization !

In today’s global economy, technology has shifted how people interact, relate and work together.  The pace of the technological advancement is rapidly shifting how we communicate and conduct business across all channels.  But it is not just technology that is changing rapidly.  It is also cultural and demographic changes that are impacting company performances and human relations.  As Farnaz Wallace wrote in her book, The New World Marketplace is where people and technology come together to define a “we” that is fundamentally different in terms of race, ethnicity, culture, archetypes, gender roles and youth mindset.

It is not so much that the world is changing.  The world is always changing.  It’s part of evolution, and a big part of business analysis.  But Farnaz believes that it is the pace and complexity of these changes that are shaking our societies as we see it today.  And the path forward is all about companies and leaders managing the velocity of this transformation.

Farnaz Wallace is an expert Cultural Change and Growth Consultant, who is passionate about helping leaders and companies around the world to understand these rapid cultural and demographic shifts and connect them to their growth strategies and leadership practices.  Now more than ever, leaders and companies must find ways to stay relevant in a world that is pulsing with a culturally diverse makeup of consumers, employees and relationships.  Cultural values are considered the most important values in consumers’ minds.